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The Best of Brasstown: Top Five Moments from our 2015 Company Retreat

In November, the Mediacurrent team traveled up the winding mountain roads of North Georgia, gathering from around the country for our annual company retreat at the Brasstown Valley Resort. This is the one time each year that our entire team (at last count, we span 18 states across the U.S.) joins together and a big opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to company culture.

In no particular order, here are my favorite moments from Mediacurrent’s 2015 retreat:

1. MC’s App CoNTEST: Code, Competition...and Cats?

Mediacurrent’s first annual app competition was held on Saturday afternoon. With only four hours to develop both a business plan and a website, it was game on for our teams. To add to the challenge, the teams were asked to choose from one of four categories: drones, cats, robots, or virtual reality. Each team presented a Shark Tank style “elevator pitch” with Paul Chason and Dave Terry filling in as the sharks. Team Eagle Eye won the top prize with their pitch for drone-based aerial imaging services, but the cat-themed presentations like "" matchmaking services and "DroneHome" transport for wayward kittens earned the most laughter.   

App Competition at Mediacurrent's Company Retreat

2. “Murder at Deadwood Station” Mystery Dinner

After a full day of activities, we changed into our best western wear and saddled up for a murder mystery dinner. Our team took the opportunity to show off their acting chops and play detective with a southern drawl— a more impressive feat for our distributed team than for our Atlanta-based employees. VP of Sales Josh Linard was cast as the unfortunate victim, and the murderer himself played the part so well that only three of our team members could guess whodunit.

Mediacurrent's Company Retreat- Murder Mystery Dinner

3. The Best Ever Karaoke Prop

Based on feedback from previous retreats, we planned for several new activities on this year’s retreat agenda but left plenty of room for karaoke, a long-standing Mediacurrent tradition. From the "Time Warp" to 90s hip hop classics and Paul and Dave's "Don't Stop Believin'" duet, the evening proved without a doubt that MC knows fun. This year, it was all about the props. The moment we were all tweeting about happened when Cameron Prince took center stage with a Tesla gun during a performance of "Thunderstruck." 

Karaoke at Mediacurrent's Company Retreat

4. Going Agile with Style  

In project management, Agile is not something you do. It’s something you become. How do we evolve? Our Director of Digital Strategy Dawn Aly and Director of Project Management Tia Durham shared the strides that Mediacurrent is taking to become an Agile-centric agency. We’re all excited to see the ways our team will bring future projects to life, applying our signature creative and adaptive style to the Agile/Scrum framework.

Agile Methodology

5. Looking Forward to MC’s Future, Together  

When planning the retreat, our main goal was to create an experience that would have a long lasting impact by boosting morale, enthusiasm, and relationships among our team. Reflecting on the three days we spent team building and the flurry of Facebook and Twitter posts tagged with #mcknowsfun, it’s safe to say that this year’s event lived up to that goal. 

Many of the most rewarding moments of the retreat came from discussions about our plans to grow and develop the Mediacurrent team in 2016. From Dave and Paul's update on Mediacurrent's company vision and Damien McKenna's new “Community Lead” role, to our Drupal 8 celebration, all signs point to a bright future ahead for the MC team. 

Mediacurrent Group Photo  

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