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The Best (and Worst) Question in a Drupal Sales Presentation

It’s a question anyone in business development should be ready and able to answer after the first day of training and one that should also be instilled in every member of your organization - from sales, to customer service, to delivery. But in today’s ultra-competitive landscape, it’s not so easy to answer. 

I have the opportunity to talk daily about how we use Drupal and Digital Strategy to solve problems. I uncover pain points, discover how we can relieve that pain. I field my share of questions about our technical expertise, our work with Drupal 8, etc - and our team can answer them all. Recently, I got the question that every salesperson dreams of, or, potentially has nightmares about!

The question came from a prospect in a Drupal sales presentation with a full room.  We had finished our presentation with several team members and were fielding follow-up. We had the ear of every decision maker we needed to connect with. The question:

"Why should we hire your company instead of the other organizations we're evaluating?"

I call this question the BEST question because after weeks of listening to our prospect's needs, uncovering solutions and packaging them in the perfect presentation, the stage was finally ours to strut our stuff! I call it the WORST question though because if we didn’t answer effectively, we would have been dead in the water, even after those long weeks of listening and consulting.  And it can catch you off guard because quite frankly, it's not posed as often as you would think.

Thankfully, Mediacurrent instills the answer to this question in every member of our team, so we nailed it. Dave Terry, one of my mentors at Mediacurrent with a proven track-record of growing a business and servicing clients, gave me the inspiration for my answer. He challenges our Sales and Marketing teams to measure everything we say with, “What can we put the Mediacurrent logo beside that is truly unique to our organization. What is it that our competitors can’t put their logo beside and claim to do the same thing?"

At a presentation I gave at Salesforce Connections on Sales and Marketing Alignment, I provided a framework to help organizations define those traits and characteristics that are truly unique to your organization. When asked: "Why should we hire Mediacurrent instead of the other organizations we're evaluating?" we respond with the following:

Our People

Our team has grown to more than 50 Drupal craftsmen with an average of 5 years of experience in Drupal, allowing us to meet the challenges of large enterprise projects.  We believe in encouraging our employees to build their own personal brand in the Drupal community. We ask that they use their career interests and skills to find an area of specialization and we provide opportunities for all team members to continue their education in those areas.  From there, we encourage everyone to share their experiences with each other through internal Knowledge Shares and with the Drupal community by producing thought leadership.  To-date, our employees have produced 500 pieces of thought leadership including blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, and webinars, solidifying Mediacurrent’s place as a leading Drupal Agency.  


Our Work

We are excited, honored and challenged through our work with globally-recognized brands.  We created a unique framework for, developed one of the first Drupal 8 websites with Manhattan Associates. Our work with clients like Habitat for Humanity and Harvard University have given us experience with the unique issues faced by the Non-profit and Higher Education industries. These projects have given our team unique experiences, leaving us more than ready for any Large Enterprise project the market can throw our way.

Our Culture

Culture is a trait that is individual to your company and its good to communicate your culture outward.  In fact, for Mediacurrent, we make our culture apparent in every presentation we give because we feel so strongly that it clearly distinguishes us from our competitors and shows the client a direct benefit. For example, one of our values is providing a better user experience for the 50 Million+ disabled internet users in the US, so we have focused our culture on this by recently appointing an Accessibility Lead and auditing all of our projects for accessibility issues. We are also a very transparent company, from our internal open door policy to our work with clients- to include investing in Project Management, Technology, QA and Client Success.

Take a moment to answer this question for yourself.  "Why should I choose your company over the other companies that I am evaluating?”  Write it down.  Put the answer on paper and circle the traits that are truly unique to your organization.  Can you put your logo beside those traits and claim them as your own?  

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