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Blog Post Launches Drupal Car Buying Site

by Paul Chason
August 5, 2010 represents a new approach to buying cars online. Traditional online car buying guides users to shop for automobiles by selecting a make, model or year as the first step of the buying process. decided to take lessons learned from shoppers at brick-and-mortar auto dealerships and apply them to an online car buying experience. Realizing that most brick-and-mortar car buyers seek out local dealership offers and specials prior to selecting a make and model, sought to make online car shopping easier and more intuitive. By applying the same "first step" that car shoppers normally take when shopping local dealerships in person, facilitates a quicker method for buyers to drill down to a vehicle that's within their purchasing budget.

To create this new type of car shopping experience, partnered with Mediacurrent to build a unique Drupal solution. Drupal was a natural fit for the project because of its highly flexible framework and the project's compressed timeline for site launch. employs an array of standard Drupal core and contrib modules that allow it to ingest a nightly vehicle inventory feed with over 12,000 records, download thousands of vehicle photo files, and associate promotions with hundreds of vehicles across 40 auto dealerships with a few mouse clicks. Drupal's theming flexible theming layer gave Mediacurrent the ability to integrate a customized clean, modern user interface design with an emphasis on simplicity.

Overall, Drupal was the linchpin in the timely launch of Its vast number of available modules allowed Mediacurrent to build an extremely complex and feature-rich site quickly. Read the case study to learn how the Mediacurrent team built and let us know what you think!

Meet team member, Paul Chason

Paul helps lead Mediacurrent’s incredibly talented team as a Partner and founder. Before Mediacurrent, Paul started in the web industry a couple of years after Netscape Navigator 1.0’s debut and Macromedia’s first release of Flash. As a designer and self-taught programmer, he has experienced every role of a web project, from project management and development through design and strategy. After founding Mediacurrent in 2004, he partnered with his friend Dave Terry to share the innovation and power of open source software with others. 

Now, Paul leans on his experience to guide Mediacurrent’s service offerings, including tech and creative. In addition, he collaborates with Mediacurrent’s sales and marketing to ensure clients experience an incomparable, value-driven partnership.

Paul’s internet experience spans over two decades and includes various web technologies (.NET, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Drupal), technical architecture, and creative direction.

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