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The Atlanta Drupal Coffee Club's New Location

The Drupal Coffee Club has a new location at Inman Perk and we had a great turnout for our first meetup. As usual we had a diverse mix of problems and discussions and we had a great time connecting with other developers in the community. Here’s a roundup of some of the topics covered.

Drupal works well running under IIS on windows but can be prone to problems with directory permissions, especially the temp folder. So we discussed the various places you can run into problems with windows server 2008 and how the iusr_machine account works in relation to setting up the permissions on the temp folder. We also looked at the web.config file and how it translates from it’s apache equivalent (htaccess files or apache’s virtual host directives.)

Another popular question was: “I am new to Drupal, how do I get started?

To get people up and running as soon as possible, we looked at Drupal Gardens and their documentation and help videos. This gave people a place to try out Drupal’s features, without the need to setup a hosting environment. We walked the user through how to sign up for an account and a general introduction of features and how they all worked together to build a website.

As well as looking at Drupal Gardens, we also looked at an overview of Drupal and what it can be used for. This was for a recruiter who was interested in learning more about Drupal, so she was better equipped to find candidates for positions. We also looked at good places to find developers with relevant experience and which questions she could ask in order to get a good feel for their experience and background.

Another member had an interesting issue with a standalone site which he wanted to consolidate into a multi-site configuration. We discussed a good workflow to minimise issues and provide the smoother transition to the new configuration of this website.

Inman Perk provided a great location for the group, we had a table reserved with access to power outlets so no one was struggling for battery life on their laptops. The wireless access was also rock solid and very fast. We had no problems with network congestion as new users turned up and everyone was impressed with the venue.

I am looking forward to the next meetup already! … Could it be because of the cake at Inman Perk? … quite possibly!

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