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ADUG Meetup Video Footage Now Available - Open Publish and Drupal Gardens Demos

by Dave Terry
February 17, 2010

We had an action packed Atlanta Drupal User Group (ADUG) meetup last week with two awesome demonstrations of emerging Drupal distributions - Open Publish, which was created by our friends at Phase2 Technology and Drupal Gardens from our partner, Acquia. We had a last minute change of plans since Phase2, who was originally going to co-present with Kent Lester, was neck deep in the Snowmageddon taking place in Washington D.C. However, it happened to work out well, and we allocated the extra time to Chuck D’Antonio, Director of Professional Services at Acquia, who was in Atlanta.

Incidentally, if you are a meetup organizer I would highly recommend presentations around Drupal distros like Open Publish, Open Atrium, Drupal Gardens, etc. – we had our highest turnout ever! It’s a gain-gain scenario as well since the original developers are oftentimes craving extra sets of eyes to provide feedback on how they can improve the product in-between fast release cycles.

If you are a newbie, and want more information on what exactly Drupal distributions are check out Angie Byron’s excellent blog entry and Dries’s thoughts. Finally, my apologies for not knowing the maintainer, but I recently discovered Drupal Distribution Watch as well, which is a helpful resource.

Meet team member, Dave Terry

Dave Terry is a Co-Founder and Partner of Mediacurrent. In his role, he leverages a wide acumen of business and entrepreneurial experience to execute operational objectives. Dave plays a key role in forging strategic partnerships, developing efficient processes, recruiting top talent, and the acquisition and management of enterprise-level accounts. His most important responsibility is ensuring that Mediacurrent always exceeds client expectations.

Dave is passionate about open-source software, work culture, leadership, sales, and marketing. He can often be found presenting on these topics at web technology conferences nationwide. A prominent member of the Atlanta Drupal community, Dave has led and supported numerous events including the Atlanta Drupal User Group (ADUG), Drupalcamp Atlanta, and the inaugural Atlanta Drupal Business Summit.

Dave is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC). He earned his BA with honors from Valdosta State University and later attended graduate school at the University of Georgia. Prior to Mediacurrent, Dave was Co-founder and President of Invesearch, an Atlanta based financial staffing firm. Under Dave’s guidance he organically grew Invesearch, and oversaw the successful acquisition of the company. He was one of the youngest sellers of a multi-million dollar staffing firm in the history of Georgia.

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