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7 Biggest Digital Strategy Mistakes

Research shows that around half of businesses are using digital marketing, but don't have a clear, integrated strategy.

It's shocking, but understandable. Time-pressures and resource availability mean that many are in campaign execution-mode and don't make the time to plan ahead.

Biggest Digital Strategy mistakes?

As we work with businesses, we encounter problems that exist when a company doesn't have a structured process for managing digital marketing. If these look familiar, you're not alone!

  1. You lack long-term strategic direction on how to use digital to support organizational growth
  2. You lack insight into who your online customers are and what their experiences are with your site
  3. Your digital strategy lacks the manpower and budget needed to be successful
  4. You don't know your online market share and how to defend it.
  5. You don’t have a way to measure your campaign effectiveness.
  6. You don't have a powerful online value proposition for your brand.
  7. You're not optimizing your website, so you're missing out on online lead opportunities

Creating a digital marketing strategy or plan will help resolve many of these problems. But where do you start when creating or updating your strategy?

Meet Mediacurrent’s Digital Marketing Team

To help our customers create a structured plan, we don’t reinvent the wheel. Our team gives a comprehensive structured approach to plan, manage and optimize your marketing. Our main objective is to increase qualified leads from your Drupal website.

Meet the Digital team:

Adam Waid - Marketing Director.  Adam Waid is featured in the popular Marketing Automation for Dummies book; spoke about inbound marketing at the Salesforce World Tour; heads-up the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association Marketing Automation group; and leads a quarterly Marketing Automation meet-up group.

Dawn Borglund - Sr. Digital Strategist.  Dawn Borglund is our full time Senior Digital Strategist and partners with our clients to create solutions to the challenges their businesses face. Her specialties include content strategy, buyer personas, social media, search engine optimization, brand management, and analytics.

Adam and Dawn both presented in Drupalcon Austin on Content Marketing and Marketing Automation. They are also leading a Digital Marketing course in Atlanta this Fall.

Jay Callicott - Product Manager / Lead Marketing Architect. Mediacurrent maintains the majority of marketing automation modules in Drupal. Jay is assuming a new role as the Lead Marketing Automation Architect and specializes in the custom integrations of marketing automation (like Silverpop) to Drupal websites.

Our Our Digital Services

Digital Strategy for Drupal Our digital strategy team focuses on understanding your audience, your competitors, and the digital landscape of your business. That way, when it comes to building or marketing your Drupal website, we know your unique value proposition and how to position your company to receive the maximum ROI on each digital initiative.

The Blueprint for your Digital Strategy

It all starts with research and planning to make sure that your messaging is going to inspire action in the right people. After getting to know you and your ideal client, we report back with the following deliverable that will serve as the foundation of your marketing plan:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Buyer personas
  • Content audit gap analysis
  • Content brief and style guide
  • Marketing automation integration audit
  • SEO audit and keyword research
  • Editorial calendar
  • Metrics and goals

Featured Case Study - ClassFlow

Content Marketing Case Study | Classflow and Mediacurrent

We recently helped ClassFlow, a cloud-based lesson planning and delivery system, launch their website and product with a go-to-market message and content strategy. We created a content foundation that Classflow could refer back to as they grow and evolve including: a competitive analysis, defined buyer personas, an in-depth content strategy, and initial lead scoring structure.

We were proud to work on a product that will positively influence the lives of many teachers and students. Despite a rather short timeline and scope difficulties that arose from this being a brand new product, we developed a concrete yet flexible strategic analysis and content strategy that will give ClassFlow the guidance they need to build their product and help it flourish. The additional structure that marketing automation provides will free up marketers and developers to focus on the leads with the highest potential, while nourishing others at their current levels and develop them into leads.

Ready to Master our Digital Marketing Channels?

Are you ready to create a fully integrated digital marketing strategy and master all of your digital channels? Let’s set up a time to discuss what we’ve done with other customers to improve their online presence and how we can help you!

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