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2012 Drupalcamp Atlanta Presentations

November 29, 2012

Did you miss a presentation at Drupalcamp Atlanta that you really wanted to see? Were there too many presentations that you wanted to attend at the same time? No worries, you can view all of the presentations at

Below, you’ll find all of the presentations that the Mediacurrent team presented at Drupalcamp Atlanta. The presentations are available here, on our Resources page, and at

Site Building With Display Suite

Jay Callicott - Product Manager, Lead Architect

From the Display Suite project page: "Display Suite allows you to take full control over how your content is displayed using a drag and drop interface. Arrange your nodes, views, comments, user data etc. the way you want without having to work your way through dozens of template files. A predefined list of layouts (D7 only) is available for even more drag and drop fun!"

Jay covers the following topics: Working with DS layouts; Adding DS fields to content types; Pros and cons of DS for display over Panels; DS tips and tricks - there are a lot of features in this module; Exporting DS to features.

Talking to Web Services

David Bassendine - Sr. Drupal Developer

Web services are a treasure trove of tools, content and data. David explores how you can use Drupal's frameworks to tap into these services. From strategy and selecting the right approach, to triggering, encoding and sending HTTP messages, David walks through how you might go about writing a custom integration that puts your Drupal build into a conversation with the outside world. Finally, David follows-up with real world examples he's built to interact with NASA's ECHO service and Twitter.

Drupal Wish List From a Newsroom

Jeff Diecks - VP, Professional Services & Duane Cross Managing Editor

In his career of managing newsrooms, publishing content and covering breaking news, Duane has experience with many different content management systems. As managing editor at, Duane and his staff use Drupal to cover the regular season and postseason for Divisions I, II and III of the 89 NCAA championships as well as the BCS title game.

Jeff Diecks from Mediacurrent, a former colleague of Duane's at NASCAR.COM, helps moderate a presentation and Q&A session with Duane to explore areas where Drupal can do better to help editors in a high-volume publishing environment.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong in Drupal

Damien McKenna - Lead Drupal Architect

Drupal's wide range of modules represent a tremendous amount of functionality that can be easily added to your site. Occasionally bugs and small glitches can be found in these modules, especially with newer modules that may not have been tested very thoroughly. Damien's session will help you work through the problem and hopefully be able to fix it without going crazy. He will also show how to report these problems to the module's maintainer so others can benefit from your solution, along with tips for issue queue etiquette and writing & applying patches.

Let's Dig into the Omega Theme

Kendall Totten - Drupal Designer + Theming Specialist

The Omega Drupal 7 Base Theme is a highly configurable HTML5/960 grid base theme that uses built-in media queries to make the site responsive. Each zone (group of regions) can be configured for content first layouts, that resize and rearrange themselves depending on the screen size of the user's device.

The presentation will walk-through the theory behind Omega's mobile-first approach, how to use the many configuration options on the theme settings page, pitfalls to avoid, and what's on the forecast for Omega 4.x!

Contrib First

Andrew Riley - Director of Drupal Development

Most of us create modules or themes as part of our daily jobs but only a fraction of them get released. This talk discusses an adjustment to how we think about creating modules/themes that make it so almost every module is released for just a small investment in time. Think of the benefits for you, your company and the community if you could increase your contributions by even one percent.

Speeding up Drupal development with Drush

Kevin Basarab - Sr. Drupal Developer & Chris Hales-DevOps Manager, Lead Architect

Drush is the swiss army knife of Drupal Development. It can do almost anything you need but many new users of Drupal don't understand why or how it can help speed the development process. In this session we skip the installation of Drush but go into the basic commands of Drush to help you download Drupal, install, download and install contrib modules plus use aliases to sync between a local and development environment.