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Accessibility Services

Advocates for website accessibility for all through our mission and services.

What We Offer

Here are just a few of the ways in which our accessibility team works together to educate and add value to our clients’ projects.

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Our accessibility experts provide strategic insights that guide decision making for improving your site’s access for all, regardless of ability.

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Provide your developers, content editors, and authors with tailored accessibility training to fit your goals and needs as an organization.

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Accessibility Support

Our ongoing UX and development support allows our accessibility team to give recommendations related to their specialty.

Why Accessibility Matters

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Mitigate Risk

By law, most websites must meet certain compliance standards or risk litigation. Is your site in jeopardy of a lawsuit?

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Increase Reach

Inaccessible content means there are people your site is unable to reach. What missed opportunities can you uncover?

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Improve Reputation

Better accessibility makes a statement about your organization’s values. What impression will your website make?

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Our Commitment to Accessibility

Our accessibility statement shows our commitment to making our own site experience as accessible as possible through regular updates and keeping standards in check across our content.

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Mediacurrent’s team quickly addressed several accessibility issues that had been flagged as concerns from the US Department of Education. Whether it is color contrast issues, font size, or keyboard accessibility, Mediacurrent’s team is ensuring we can deploy new content and pages that meet or exceed accessibility standards.

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Donna Wicks

Web Strategist, Kettering University

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Our Accessibility Team

The Accessibility team at Mediacurrent comes from a wide range of backgrounds and strives to educate and collaborate with clients on matters related to the site experience.

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As a UX designer I strive to create delightful experiences - but they can also be empowering, enabling another’s independence. I take pride in working towards the goal that all people regardless of ability are able to enjoy and benefit from the systems I help bring to life.

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