Webinar: Business Benefits of Drupal 8

After 4+ years of anticipation, developers and tech industry pros are now ready for Drupal 8 and the 200+ major improvements it brings. But what are the benefits of Drupal 8 from a business perspective?

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Webinar: What Organizations Can Expect with Drupal 8

Join Kevin Basarab and Acquia to explore the newest version of Drupal from a business owner's perspective. In this session, you’ll get to see what Drupal 8 has in store for you, including better support for mobile, internationalization, web services, HTML5 and the enterprise marketplace. For attendees already using Drupal, we’ll dive into how to prepare your site now for Drupal 8 and what you can do to get help when the newest version comes out.

We will review:

Security in Drupal

As data breaches are on the rise, protecting sensitive data is more important than ever - for you and your customers.

Improving the ROI of your Drupal Site with Content Strategy

Companies are seeing lower success rates on social media and diminishing conversion rates on the web - a trend that has put us all, especially


Drupal has many well documented best practices, many of which we've covered here previously.


At Mediacurrent, we found that on-ramping new team members to a project was costing us a lot of time (and money).


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