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Happy Friday, everybody! This episode we talk to Theme Manager Zack Hawkins about some of his pain points of using the Sass preprocessor.

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We made it to the end of another busy work week! Welcome back to Episode 4 of The Mediacurrent Friday 5.

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Welcome back to the third episode of The Mediacurrent Friday 5!

Video content has quickly made its mark on every online platform that we interact with.

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Whether you’re a long time Mediacurrent reader or have recently discovered us (if so, welcome!) you know that we are always looking for new wa

Custom Modules

With meta tags still being important for search engine optimization and improving how content looks when shared via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it's worth learning how to use Drupal's Metatag module the right way. Let me show you how a site can benefit from using meta tags, then find out about the latest improvements, along with recommendations on how to get it set up correctly for your site.

Featured Drupal Module Series

It has been an interesting week since I wrote part 1 of this blog series.

As the leader of the Albuquerque Drupal Users group there is a constant push and pull between

Code Review for Non Technical Users

Andrew Riley leads us through a high level walkthrough of what Code Reviews are and why we need them.

Drupal Media Initiative

The Media Initiative is an unofficial but well-supported community initiative to improve Drupal's handling of images, video, audio, and other files and embedded media. This previously-recorded webinar discusses the inconsistencies and problems of handling media in Drupal, and the efforts to improve the authoring experience. Products of these efforts so far include the File Entity and Media modules in Drupal 7, which are demonstrated in this webinar. The Media Initiative is also trying to improve Drupal's default file and media handling by moving much of File Entity into Drupal 8 core.

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