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No really, this just was not how I planned to start this post.

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Search engine optimization and web accessibility are complementary processes. Focus on one and you likely positively affect the other without additional effort.

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At Mediacurrent we architected and built a Drupal site for a department of a prominent U.S. university several years ago.

We hope the work week is treating you well and that you're gearing up for an even better weekend!

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We made it to the finish line of another busy work week!

AMP’lify Your Website: Google AMP 101

Google just recently released a new open-source initiative called the Google Accelerated Mobile Pa

Custom Modules

With meta tags still being important for search engine optimization and improving how content looks when shared via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it's worth learning how to use Drupal's Metatag module the right way. Let me show you how a site can benefit from using meta tags, then find out about the latest improvements, along with recommendations on how to get it set up correctly for your site.


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