One of the most loved display architectures available for Drupal, the Panels module and its many related projects have come a long way from rather humble beginnings as a customizable dashboard for Drupal 4. Today they stand to be a testament to the power and flexibility of the Drupal platform.

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Coming from a newspaper and publishing background, I've routinely been asked to change a homepage at a moment's notice to respond to a breakin

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In an Open Source Content Management System like Drupal, the wide range of contributed modules often leads to multiple solutions and approaches being available to build a feature for a site. With this flexibility, rarely is there a single "best" solution to a given problem. In this series, the Mediacurrent team will cover some of the common features that our clients often request, and what tools we like to select for the job.

With a panel available to debate, what better place to start our series than with Panels? This contributed module allows for flexible layout and control of content on a Drupal site. But not everyone is a fan. The Mediacurrent team reflects this, with several strong opinions both for and against the use of this module. Mediacurrent debates:

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