Drupal 7

Mediacurrent partnered with Travelport to build a new fully responsive Drupal website that would deliver a stable platform to support future growth, a more fluid user experience to satisfy their customer base, and a digital strategy roadmap to help build their brand.

Your Drupal Site is a Platform

Ask yourself, how many Drupal sites have you built starting with the “standard” Drupal site install profile? Now ask yourself, how “standard” are those sites you have built? I propose we take a different approach to Drupal site development.

I recently inherited a Drupal 7 theme that did not use CSS preprocessors like Sass or Less. While the CSS files were clearly organized, they contained more than 15,000 lines of code which made maintainability a difficult task.

Top Drupal 7 Modules

If you have been to the Mediacurrent blog before you have probably seen my Top 50 modules lists for Drupal 6 and 7...

Last part in our series on reviewing the top Drupal 7 Modules.

Internet usage has exploded throughout the world over the last decade.

Mediacurrent Drupal Presentaiton

Get a high speed and large scope overview of jQuery and it's use within the Drupal ecosystem.

When gathering project requirements, hearing a client ask for "WYSIWYG" can be cause for concern.  Clients see an easy way to manage content but are often unaware of potential consequences.  As more tools are leveraged within an editor, the potential that something may clash with CSS on output can increase.  Prudent developers may immediately work to limit the set of tools provided to the client.  If you're lucky, you can get away with supporting "links", "bold", "italics", but not "underline"!

Field Collections

A common data architecture in pre Drupal 7 websites is the use of a separate content type to repres


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