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Coming from a newspaper and publishing background, I've routinely been asked to change a homepage at a moment's notice to respond to a breakin

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UPDATE: 4/11/2012

If you checked out the Inside Look at the Omega Theme blog post a few months ago, you may be eager to re-theme your Drupal site to take advantage of the awesome capabilities of Responsive Design. There are, however, a few more modules you may want to pair with the Omega theme when tackling your mobile site design.

With the Delta module, you can build custom page layouts by making new versions of the theme settings page; then apply those unique layouts on particular pages, sections, or user roles via the Context module. While designed specifically for the Omega theme, Delta will also work with other themes. Mobile Tools can help you to detect users viewing your site with mobile device to further customize the theme just for them. Let's take a closer look.

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