White Paper

Monetizing the Web with Drupal

Whitepaper - Monetizing the Web with Drupal

This FREE Whitepaper will cover:

  • Best practices for driving revenue to your Drupal web site
  • Delivering maximum search engine optimization (SEO) results
  • The latest modules and tools being leveraged with Drupal
  • How to reach a wider audience and streamline your messaging
  • Emerging trends in Drupal e-commerce and social networking

Excerpt from whitepaper

"Just a few years ago, companies were wary of the new social web, with its youthful audience. The tremendous growth of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter has changed that forever. With over half the U.S. population logging into social networking sites, advertisers and retailers are scrambling to take advantage of the Internet’s exponential growth. Online advertising is expected to top $2 billion in 2011 and yet, it makes up less than 10% of the total revenue being spent online. If you aren’t riding the wave, you’re swimming against the current.

In this paper, we’ve only scratched the surface of Internet-based revenue opportunities, but it should be obvious that an effective monetization strategy will require the coordination and mastery of many details. This complexity can become overwhelming.

A content management system like Drupal can help to tame these stormy waters. The synergy of blogging, news, Twitter, Facebook, advertising, e-commerce, LinkedIn, SEO, and email campaigns can help to ensure a profitable journey. As the web evolves, the Drupal community will ensure that Drupal remains on course. Coordinate your efforts with a local Drupal developer, and it should be smooth sailing.