White Paper

Building an Enterprise Class Web Site

Building an Enterprise Class Website

This FREE Whitepaper will cover:

  • How Drupal is being leveraged at the enterprise-level
  • Planning your site launch for long-term success
  • Assessing and scoping your Drupal project
  • How to properly generate site architecture documents
  • Drupal best practices and procedures

Excerpt from whitepaper

"Building an enterprise-level Web site is like preparing for the courtroom: All of your efforts are tested upon launch, and you have no second chance to make a first impression. While site builders have the advantage of a "beta" period — and opportunities for refinements over a long run — eventually every public-facing Web site has to face a trial by audience. Verdicts are swift, and appeals unlikely.

So the need to precise is clear, but not all forms of "preparation" are equal: Some devour time with little ultimate result, while others are necessary, but non-obvious. How can you tell which is which?

In our experience, effective preparation involves examination of two areas: business goals and technical assets. We'll look at both to help you frame your project up front, which will save tremendous time later in the process. Two checklists at the end of this guide help you answer these questions in detail: "Before You Start: Business Questionnaire" (Appendix A), and "Before You Start: Specific Requirements" (Appendix B).