Webinar: Git Intro

Andrew Riley
VP, Drupal Development

Webinar: Git Intro

Mediacurrent Drupal Presentaiton

Git is becoming a standard in revision control software for Open Source development. Its distributed nature along with speed and flexibility aligns its self with todays agile and fast paced web development environment. This previously recorded webinar covers the common mechanics of using Git while also pointing out standard "gotchas" that new adopters of Git face. This webinar is considered a teaser for the full Blue Collar Git that I'll be giving in Charlotte. The teaser version of the webinar is intended for users who have some experience with revision control software (such as SVN or CVS) but are new to Git.

Note: When I refer to rebasing I am referring to the shift method listed here. I wanted to be clear that this is a shift for uncommitted code and not using rebase to modify committed history.

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