Mediacurrent Celebrates the Official Release of Drupal 8

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Mediacurrent Celebrates the Official Release of Drupal 8

Mediacurrent Celebrates Drupal 8

The Mediacurrent team has been preparing for Drupal 8 since development first began in 2011. Four years of community-wide learning, contributing and developing have lead to this day: the official release of Drupal 8.0. It’s time to celebrate!

Let’s celebrate Giving Back

Contributing to the Drupal Community is core to Mediacurrent’s values, and we’re proud to say that our contrib committee has done their part to support Drupal 8 with many module and code contributions. We have several module ports under way, including the first release of Metatag. Our own Damien McKenna will uphold the tradition of giving back in his new role as Mediacurrent's Community Lead.

Let’s celebrate The Drupal Community

In the past year, we’ve shared our D8 knowledge at events like DrupalCon, BADCamp, Drupalcamp Atlanta and in many episodes of the Mediacurrent Dropcast.

Let’s celebrate Sharing Knowledge

This month, Dave Terry presented a webinar on the business benefits of D8. Our team created two eBooks to help you evaluate Drupal 8 for your next site redesign and prepare your site for D8.

On our blog, we’ve talked about Drupal 8 for marketers, showed how to budget a Drupal project,  and brushed up on our Drupal vocab. Plus, we teamed with Acquia to share some lessons learned from developing one of the world’s first enterprise Drupal 8 projects with Manhattan Associates.

Let’s Celebrate Drupal 8!

With Drupal 8 release parties planned all around the world, we're looking forward to attending the local Atlanta Drupal User's Group Post-Release #celebr8d8 Celebration on Thursday, December 10 at the Battle & Brew Geekbar. For more details, and to purchase tickets, visit the Celebrate Drupal 8 Meetup page.

We’re thrilled that the newest version of Drupal is finally here, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate this past week at our annual company retreat. Check out our video and join Mediacurrent's celebration.

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