Mediacurrent and Open Source Training Form Partnership

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Mediacurrent and Open Source Training Form Partnership

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Mediacurrent & Open Source Training
Today, Mediacurrent and Open Source Training are proud to announce a partnership. Open Source (OS) Training is a recognized leader in the content management system (CMS) training field. As a result of this collaboration, Mediacurrent will work to expand and grow Open Source (OS) Training’s Drupal division.

For the last five years, OS Training and its owner Steve Burge, has been one of the preeminent leaders and at the forefront of the Joomla training movement. OS Training has produced hundreds of tutorials, conducted live training events throughout the world, and boasts corporate clients like Apple, IBM, Verizon, NASA, and Hewlett Packard. Steve is the also on the board of directors at Open Source Matters, the body that helps support the Joomla project. He also wrote the most extensive and viewed comparisons of Drupal v. Joomla on the web.

Steve began to diversify outside of the Joomla world last year and started offering Wordpress and Drupal training across the United States. Ironically enough, Steve is based in the metro Atlanta area, just 20 minutes from Mediacurrent’s office. After a few discussions, it became apparent that a partnership made a lot sense.

We are very excited about our alliance with Open Source Training,” said Managing Partner of Mediacurrent, Paul Chason. “They have been providing top-notch training services to individuals and blue-chip companies for years. Mediacurrent’s background, focus, and expertise aligned well with OS Training’s desire to roll out more Drupal based training offerings.

Mediacurrent’s role will be to provide subject matter expertise in Drupal and start building a diverse library of Drupal tutorials that will be tailored to beginner, intermediate, or advanced level users. We will eventually move further into live classroom and corporate training. OS Training will assist in curriculum development, logistics, and marketing. We are both particularly interested in training new Drupalistas in our immediate geographic vicinity (Southeast USA).

Interested in learning more – feel free to contact me at dave dot terry at mediacurrent dot com. We welcome and value your feedback in this new endeavor!

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