Drupalcamp Atlanta 2015: Decoupled Drupal 8

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Drupalcamp Atlanta 2015: Decoupled Drupal 8

Trending Toward “Headless”

Lately, there has been an increased interest in decoupled Drupal (a.k.a. headless Drupal). Lullabot and TWIT.tv are two organizations that have recently announced new sites that feature decoupled Drupal.

Understanding Decoupled Drupal

In a decoupled architecture, Drupal is used as a way to create, store, and provide content, but it does not present that content. Instead, RESTful interfaces allow other applications, such as single-page javascript applications and mobile applications, to pull content from Drupal and display it within those applications.

At Drupalcamp Atlanta 2015, I presented on the pros and cons of a decoupled Drupal architecture and demoed a live example of how to pull Drupal 8 content into your Javascript app.

Check out my session recording of “Decoupled Drupal 8,” which explores:

  • An overview of decoupling

  • REST and JSON: the decoupling enablers

  • Why Drupal 8 is the best for REST

  • BigPipe as an alternative to decoupling

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