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Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 2:38pm

As Drupal experts our team at Mediacurrent is very familiar with Acquia’s cloud based hosting solution "Acquia Cloud". In fact, Mediacurrent is an official Acquia Partner. Because of our partnership and because Acquia Cloud is an excellent solution, we end up working with a lot of clients who are utilizing Cloud already or helping clients move on to Acquia’s platform.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 10:37am

Today, Mediacurrent and Acquia are proud to announce that one of the highest profile websites in the world,, based in Atlanta, will be joining the Drupal community!  To my knowledge, will be the highest traffic Drupal site in existence. Over the last six months, Mediacurrent and Acquia have been shepherding’s on-ramping of Drupal via a proof-of-concept and discovery engagement. 

More than anything, this adoption helps further advance our region's commitment to Drupal and open-source technologies. We are really excited about the positive impact this project will have on our local Drupal ecosystem.

Below is the article we posted on...

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 3:40pm

The Omega Drupal 7 Base Theme is a highly configurable HTML5/960 grid base theme that uses built-in media queries to make the site responsive. Each zone, or group of regions, can be configured for content-driven layouts that reformat depending on the device’s screen size.

Mediacurrent recently partnered with Acquia to record this webinar. In it Kendall explains the theory behind Omega's mobile-first approach, helping achieve best results whether on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Topics covered:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 1:14pm

Acquia has produced an excellent top 10 list of "Reasons to Choose the Drupal Open-Source Social Publishing System" which should be enough to convince anyone just how powerful the Drupal CMS can be to meet your needs.

The abbreviated list:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 4:03pm

In this day and age, time is money—both for website developers and site visitors. Page load times can be the difference that impacts search engine rankings, ad revenue, and overall sales. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) will cut the load time of assets between 20-50%, especially for users outside of the United States which amounts to an improved customer experience.

By speeding up CDNs, with geographically distributed servers, you can help deliver the fastest possible download for all users. In the past, CDNs were cost prohibitive and mostly reserved for sizable organizations who could afford to pay thousands of dollars per month. Recently, there has been an overall shift in CDNs that even the lowest traffic web sites can afford.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 9:49am

Do you hate it when you go to a site and the loading of the page takes forever? Most of the time that is spent waiting isn't really for the page to load, it’s for the various assets like images, css and javascript to be transferred from the server. Using simple tools provided in most browsers (or through an add-on/plugin) you can determine just how much those assets are slowing you down.

As a first step you'll need to locate the network panel within the developer tools for your browser:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 1:58pm

Drupal is quickly gaining momentum at the state government level. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural “Drupal Day” at the Georgia Technology Authority’s (GTA) headquarters in downtown Atlanta. I was invited to Drupal Day because Phase2 Technology, Mediacurrent, and Acquia partnered together to migrate 65 Georgia state agency sites off of Vignette and over to Drupal. The event was put on by the GTA to expose Georgia state agencies to Drupal and educate agency technology leaders about Drupal’s powerful content management features and elegant...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 4:44pm

At the end of this month on September 30th, Mediacurrent is helping organize the first-ever Atlanta Drupal Business Summit. To my knowledge, this is the only time an event tailored to non-developers (i.e. the “suits”) has been held in direct conjunction with a regional Drupalcamp. Let me be blunt, I think Drupal has a serious problem that it needs to address soon, very soon. 

Monday, February 21, 2011 - 4:50pm

Alaska Dispatch launched its new website today using Drupal and Open Publish. The online news site, founded by journalists and majority-owned by former U.S. News and World Report CFO Alice Rogoff, received a complete redesign and migration from Joomla. Mediacurrent joined the Alaska Dispatch team to assist with the final phases of the project.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 - 9:00am

Drupal Commons is a Drupal distribution billed as “social business software.” That means that Acquia is distributing Drupal bundled with some other modules preconfigured to work as a company’s interactive user-facing website. Drupal Commons 1.0 was released on August 5th.

The Purpose of Drupal Commons