Hi Kelly - thanks for letting us get to know a bit more about you! Let's get started: 1. What’s your role at Mediacurrent, both internally and client...
why slideshows are bad design and 6 alternative options
In my previous blog post, I talked about six design alternatives to avoid slideshows . The response to that blog post was great - who knew there were...
Recorded July 6th 2016 This episode our number one fan, Jim Birch, comes on to talk about his Drupal life and sadly learns how unprofessional his...
We hope the work week is treating you well and that you're gearing up for an even better weekend! Thanks for joining us for Episode 13 of The...
User Experience Matters
There are many talented designers with the ability to create a fabulous, responsive, web design worthy of the term “screen candy.”
Over the last several months, I’ve been a member of the planning committee for Drupal Camp Asheville . In the middle of our planning, I attended...
Web applications today have many things in common, but at the core, there is only one thing that drives these applications - a thirst for data. The...
One of the many perks of working at Mediacurrent is the ability to work in the comfort of your own home or nearby coffee shop.
Drupal bits and bytes
Matt G.
Ever want to use an external XML document to power your view? Sometimes the need arises to include a list of upcoming events, recent news or job...


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