Lee Nakamura -  Senior Drupal Developer

More about me

Lee brings over 4 years of Drupal experience and a robust web development background to his role as a Senior Drupal Developer at Mediacurrent.

Lee launched his web development career at IBM, where he received two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards. At IBM, he spent quite a few years doing database and content management system product and solution development. He also developed database-backed web sites for telecoms and retailers in the 1990s. In late 2011,  a chance networking connection (through a round of golf!) led to Lee’s introduction to the wonderful world of Drupal. Prior to joining Mediacurrent, he worked for a small web development shop based in the Bay Area.

Lee enjoys individual competitive sports: racquetball, golf, and cycling, with racquetball being his current favorite. He also loves playing piano (classical and jazz) and reading, particularly books about neurology and how the mind/brain works. He lives with his lovely wife of more than 25 years and their miniature dachshund.