Dustin Cooper - Drupal Designer

More about me

Dustin is a passionate, creative designer with an extensive IT background. An active member of the Drupal community for over six years, he often lends his design skills to build websites for Drupal groups and Drupalcamps in his region.

Prior to Mediacurrent, Dustin spent seven years in various IT roles at The Boys & Girls Club and gained experience building static websites. After discovering Drupal, Dustin decided to refocus his career on the creative side of web design and went back to college to study design. Dustin came to Mediacurrent as a volunteer designer for the DrupalCamp Atlanta 2012 website. He soon became a permanent part of the Mediacurrent team bringing enthusiasm, a strong creative and graphic design skill set and deep knowledge of Drupal.

Dustin is a virtual reality enthusiast and gamer. With a heart for adventure, he lives full-time in a RV with his wife and dog.